The women’s Skateboarding competition of Madrid Urban Sports virtual edition starts

The women’s Skateboarding competition of Madrid Urban Sports virtual edition starts


The machine does not stop at Madrid Urban Sports, and after leaving the BMX finalists in the air (remember, they will not be known until the 28th), it is time to turn the page and advance to the next competition of the event, women’s skateboarding. On that competition, the bracket format is replicated from the quarterfinals to the final, and today we present the table and the skaters who will start competing in this edition.

Skateboarding is the urban sport par excellence, and it is of such magnitude that next year it will have its Olympic debut in Tokyo 2021. In virtual Madrid Urban Sports we do not want to miss this train and that is why we have men’s skate competitions and feminine.

The bracket comes to light

Now the time has come to reveal which will be the riders who will compete in the women’s skate event. The quarter-final pairings have resulted in the following matchups: Rayssa Leal vs. Keet Oldenbeuving, Nanaka Fujisawa vs. Candy Jacobs, Margielyn Didal vs. Marina Gabriela and Andrea Benítez vs. Gabi Mazetto.

The semifinalists will come out of these direct qualifiers, who will face each other following the path of the bracket. In this first test, the skaters will compete in the best trick in gap modality. The videos of the quarterfinals are now available on the @urbanworldseries Instagram account and we attach them here so you don’t miss a single detail of the competition:

  • Rayssa Leal vs Keet Oldenbeuving 

  • Nanaka Fujisawa vs Candy Jacobs

  • Margielyn Didal vs Marina Gabriela

  • Andrea Benítez vs Gabi Mazetto.

The semifinalists will be announced tomorrow, November 16 at 7:00 p.m. via a stream on the Urban World Series YouTube channel. In this short program, we will be able to know what scores each rider has obtained and Kelly Hart, who will accompany us in the skate competitions, will give us the technical explanations of each trick. Recall that the semifinals can be seen through the @urbanworldseries instagram channel on Tuesday 17.