Discover the first semifinalists of Madrid Urban Sports virtual edition

Discover the first semifinalists of Madrid Urban Sports virtual edition

Madrid Urban Sports has started and is already at cruising speed. Although on the 11th of november the opening gun was launched with the BMX quarterfinals, yesterday late in the afternoon the winners of this competition were announced. The announcement was produced virtually and will be replicated in all competitions, via a short YouTube stream on the Urban World Series channel.

Let us remember that in the quarterfinals, Alex Donnachie vs Stephan Atencio, Courage Adams vs Mati Lasgoity, Lewis Mills vs Fernando Laczko and Dan Kruk vs Julian Molina, who had to perform a trick on a rail, faced each other in the best trick format. The videos were published on Instagram on the 11th, and five judges decided yesterday which ones advanced to the round.

Easy pick for the judges

The five responsible for making that decision and who will also continue to decide the winners of future BMX rounds, are; Rubén Alcántara, Joe Rich, Van Homan, Garret Byrnes and Jaume Sala. These judges cast the following votes in each match:

So things have remained after the quarter-finals, with the unanimous victories of Courage Adams, Lewis Mills and Dan Kruk. The only match in which there was more dispute was Donnachie vs. Atencio. Today, November 13, the videos of the BMX semifinals will be published, at 4 and 6 in the afternoon, and the judges will have to vote to decide the finalists.

The final candidates for the gold medal will not be known until November 28, the day of the Madrid Urban Sports virtual edition grand final, which can be followed through the Urban World Series YouTube channel, Olympic Channel and Edge Sport. Until that day arrives, keep an eye on the Urban World Series Instagram, so you don’t miss a single detail of the competition!