The Madrid Urban Sports virtual edition kicks off with the BMX quarterfinals

The Madrid Urban Sports virtual edition kicks off with the BMX quarterfinals

  • The competition will last from November 11 to 28, when the grand final will take place

  • Madrid Urban Sports virtual edition can be followed at the Urban World Series Instagram account


The first edition of Madrid Urban Sports has already started. This edition has been reinvented, has prevailed over adversity and has been developed, with an online format. A format for the present and the future, since it allows to compete safely and guarantees a brutal scope of the competition, because it can be easily followed on social networks.

After the presentation of the event, yesterday at the Matadero venue, the event started with its first competition: the BMX quarterfinals. Let’s remember the competition format, which will be replicated in all the competitions of the event. 8 riders in each category face each other from the quarter to the final in KO format, that is, the one who loses is eliminated. To decide the winner of each round, the riders send a video doing a best trick, and a group of five judges must decide the winner of each direct confrontation.




  • Alex Donnachie vs Stephan Atencio 

  • Courage Adams vs Mati Lasgoity 

  • Lewis Mills vs Fernando Laczko

  • Dan Kruk vs Julian Molina. 



The results will be announced today at 7:00 p.m., and the semifinal matches will be defined. The BMX semifinals will be held tomorrow, November 13, so stay tuned to the Urban World Series Youtube account so you don’t miss a single detail!

The same format will be replicated with all competitions: the first day the videos of the opposing riders are posted and the winners of each direct confrontation are published the next day. Let’s remember the BMX calendar

  • 11/11: quarterfinals
  • 12/11: quarterfinals results
  • 13/11: semifinals BMX
  • 28/11: semifinal results & big final on a TV program