Courage Adams, Nanaka Fujisawa, Auguste Pellaud and Kelvin Hoefler, winners of Madrid Urban Sports virtual

Courage Adams, Nanaka Fujisawa, Auguste Pellaud and Kelvin Hoefler, winners of Madrid Urban Sports virtual

  • The first edition of Madrid Urban Sports ends with a final program to remember, crowning the BMX, scooter and skate riders.
  • Adams on BMX, Pellaud on scooter and Fujisawa and Hoefler on skate, take the Madrid Urban Sports gold medals.

Madrid Urban Sports has finished in style. The first edition of the new urban sports festival in Madrid, held virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic, has ended with a television program with great worldwide repercussions. The final has been followed, and is on demand to see it again and again, through the Urban World Series YouTube channel, Olympic Channel, Marca and Edge Sport.

In addition to the outcome of the men’s and women’s BMX, scooter, and skate events, the final featured the participation of leaders in the world of urban sports such as Colin McKay, Kelly Hart, Vanessa Torres, Anthony Claravall, Darryl Nau, Daniel Dhers, Clayton Lindley or Helmeri Pirinen. Furthermore, Urban Roosters have also participated, with two spectacular freestyle performances that have given the musical touch to the night.

Madrid Urban Sports began on November 11 and during these two weeks the quarter and semi-finals of all categories have been held through the @urbanworldseries Instagram account. The culmination was on Saturday night, when the semifinals, battle for 3rd and grand finals were held.

Courage Adams, dominating from the first moment in BMX
The winner of the discipline with which Madrid Urban Sports started, BMX, has been Courage Adams, who has been unbeatable throughout the competition. His dominance began in the quarterfinals, when he was MVP of the round and in the semifinals he certified his pass to the final in an overwhelming way.

In the final, he had Lewis Mills as his rival. In the final, Adams did a 360 barspin gap which lead him to tale the title by five votes to zero. In the other BMX final, the battle for 3rd, Dan Kruk has faced Alex Donnachie. Kruk won with ease, by five votes to zero and took the bronze medal. The podium therefore has remained: Adams, Mills and Kruk.

Nanaka Fujisawa, the queen of skateboarding at Madrid Urban Sports
The second discipline that was held at Madrid Urban Sports was women’s skateboarding, which has had a clear dominance. Nanaka Fujisawa, the 19-year-old young Japanese skater, has clearly established herself throughout the event. The Japanese started like a thunderbolt in Madrid Urban Sports, being the MVP in the quarterfinals. The dominance has not stopped and she took the win over Margyelin Didal with a FS feeble at the final to be crowned champion of Madrid Urban Sports.

Therefore, Fujisawa finished first and second was followed by her rival from the final, Margyelin Didal. In the other final, the consolation one, Gabi Mazetto faced Raysa Leal. Mazetto has not given Leal an option and has also won by five votes to zero, to win the bronze medal from Madrid Urban Sports. The podium has therefore remained: Fujisawa, Didal and Mazetto.

Auguste Pellaud, clear winner on scooter
The third discipline that was played in Madrid Urban Sports was the scooter. In this modality, the best street riders in the world have gathered. The French Pellaud has been the great dominator from the first bars. As with BMX and women’s Skate, the quarterfinal MVP has ended up being the winner of the modality.

Auguste Pellaud clearly prevailed in the Madrid Urban Sports final, beating his rival, Carlos Ravello, by five to zero. Kai Saunders and Nick Tedrick met in the final for 3rd place, a very interesting duel due to the high level of the scooters. Finally, Kai Saunders did a spectacular trick that ended up awarding him the five votes of the jury. The podium has therefore remained: Pellaud, Ravello, Saunders.

Kelvin Hoefler gold in skateboarding
Finally, the last discipline that was played in the first phase of Madrid Urban Sports was men’s skateboarding. The highlight of the event was loaded with big name skaters, such as Chris Joslin, Kelvin Hoefler or Lucas Rabelo. All of them have given us a brutal show, but one of them has prevailed above all: Kelvin Hoefler.

Hoefler has been crowned skateboarding champion at Madrid Urban Sports with a FS overcrook gap to rail in the final, where he beat the Californian Chris Joslin by four votes to one. The final was the tightest, thanks to the great level of these two skaters. In the battle for 3rd, Lucas Rabelo unanimously beat Aurélien Giraud. The podium therefore remained: Hoefler, Joslin and Rabelo.

See you next year!
With the final of Madrid Urban Sports, the event has ended, which will return stronger than ever in 2021 and in a present format