Men’s skate closes the quarterfinals of the Madrid Urban Sports virtual

Men’s skate closes the quarterfinals of the Madrid Urban Sports virtual

Madrid Urban Sports virtual faces the final stretch. After some vibrant scooter semifinals, where the name of the finalists was reserved for the day of the grand final, it is the turn to move on and start the last qualifiers for this event. Men’s skateboarding will play the quarterfinals and semifinals today on the 25th, as set by the event calendar. The week will conclude with the celebration of the grand finale of the first edition of virtual Madrid Urban Sports, on Saturday, November 28.

Before reaching that date, it is the skaters’ turn. Today we can see what tricks they have prepared for the quarterfinals. What better way to face the day of the grand final than with the qualifying rounds of the king urban sport, skateboarding, a size that from next year skateboarding will have its recognition as an Olympic, at the Tokyo 2021 games.

Men’s skateboarding will replicate the format of all previous competitions, with head-to-head matches from the quarter-finals to the final. Skaters’ will find themselves in the box and will have to convince the judges with a best trick in gap that they deserve to go to the round.

The bracket, unveiled

The bracket is made up of top-level riders: X Games medalists such as Kelvin Hoefler, Chris Joslin or Jamie Foy and with riders already qualified for Tokyo 2021. Remaining matches for the quarterfinals are: Jamie Foy vs Kelvin Hoefler, Lucas Rabelo vs. Angelo Caro, Tj Rogers vs. Aurélien Giraud and Andrew Verde vs. Chris Joslin.

The competition can be followed as usual through the @urbanworldseries instagram account, where all the videos with the clashes are posted. Anyway, we leave them here below for you to take a first look!

  • Jamie Foy vs Kelvin Hoefler

  • Lucas Rabelo vs Angelo Caro

  • Tj Rogers vs Aurélien Giraud

  • Andrew Verde vs Chris Joslin


The results of these clashes will be known tomorrow, November 24, at 7:00 p.m. through a short stream on the Urban World Series Youtube channel. The results will also be posted on @urbanworldseries’ instagram account. Stay tuned!