Aurelien Giraud and Rayssa Leal, Skate Street World Champions 2022

Giraud dominates in the final of the world championships with a clear goal: Paris 2024

Rayssa Leal is crowned in Sharjah proving that his riding is at another level.


Last Sunday February 5th took place the final of the Olympic Qualifier and Skateboarding World Championship 2022 Street category, in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, which has also distributed some valuable points to travel to Paris 2024, where there are only 22 vacancies for the best riders on the skateboard. 


Sarhah, has been the obligatory stop of the world skateboarding to walk to Paris, a magnificent competition that has left a good skate handling under a sun of justice.


Aurelien Giraud climbs to the top of the podium with an epic performance.


Aurelien Giraud

In the men’s category, the gold medal was won by Frenchman Aurelien Giraud, who, with two competitors left to compete, secured first place with a total of 269.33 points. Giraud was off the podium, but it was then when on his fourth best trick attempt he scored a textbook Backside 360 kickflip  with a 91.48 score that crowned him as world winner.

He was followed by Portugal’s Gustavo Ribeiro with 267.38 points, who landed some bangers like the 360 flip noseblunt nollie bigspin on the Aljada skatepark main handrail.

Also on the podium with a third place finish was 12-year-old Japanese rising star Ginwoo Onodera with 263.04 points. Ginwoo got the best score in the semifinals with a crazy level, making it clear that he just needs to gain a little more experience to become the perfect skater. If he keeps it up this kid will be unbeatable.


Rayssa makes an exhibition by winning again a world
championship with a wrist injury.


In the women’s contest, Tokyo 2020 silver medalist Rayssa Leal was crowned champion even after suffering a right wrist injury earlier in the week while practicing, forcing her to compete with a wristguard.

The Brazilian is on another level, and earned the gold after taking Best Trick with her kickflip front side boardslide (85.04) and her main trick, a kickflip backside lipslide (87.22) that earned her a total of 255.58 points.

Second place was for the 12-year-old Australian Chloe Covell with 253.51 points, the future of women’s skateboarding who introduced a very powerful round, switch flips and frond side flips in the triple tier.

Finally the podium was completed with the third position the youngest Olympic champion of Tokyo, Momiji Nishiya 13 years old with 253.30 points and a very solid runs and best tricks.




Terol leads the spanish army and reach the semifinals.


About the spanish team performance this weekend.  Daniela Terol was the best spaniard, who  finished the World Cup in a worthy 11th position reaching the semifinals, Natalia Muñoz was 28th reaching the quarterfinals. Afrika Criado and Gabi Ferrero were left out in the qualifiers.


After a very intense weekend Sharjah prepares for its second week of Skateboarding World Championships and in this second week is turn for the Park modality in which Spain will have more options to get points for Paris 2024.

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