Mery Muñoz and Raúl Quiles crowned No. 1 at Madrid Urban Sports

Inline skate riders had a great time in Central Park during the roller freestyle competition at the urban sports and culture event of the moment.

The capital is the nerve center of urban sports this October weekend, supporting roller freestyle in an absolute way.

Raul Quiles takes the gold after landing a double back flip

It has been an amazing roller freestyle session, in which we have been able to witness impressive tricks, big jumps and the great level shown by all the Spaniards who have been part of this competition.

The great Raul Quiles, without any fear, started his round with a double backflip that left perplexed the large audience that accompanied and encouraged the competition. His score was 82.33.

Victor Medrano won the silver with a 78.67 and Abel Morales won the bronze with a 78.00.

Mery Muñoz won the gold in a very tight final.

By only 0.33 tenths (57.33), Mery Muñoz won a gold that has tasted like glory. Eneritz has been very close achieving a 57.00 and getting the silver. Carla Martín got the bronze with a 50.67.