Music and Graffiti gave color and rhythm to a weekend with a taste of urban culture

It has been a full weekend of urban activities at Madrid Urban Sports in Madrid Rio.

The locals have enjoyed a full program with musical artists from the local scene that gave rhythm to a whole Manzanares Town that gave that touch of color and art through graffiti carried out by the best graffiti artists of the national scene.

Music, a key element of the weekend

During the days of the event many renowned artists have passed through the Central Park and Street Plaza of Madrid Urban Sports. From the purest Hip-Hop to Rock Punk, the public could enjoy a good dose of flow, energy and explosiveness in each of their songs.

We all danced, screamed and had a great time to the rhythm.

The smell of spray paint flooded Manzanares Town

Next we delight you with a gallery to FLIPEIS with the works of the artists who passed through the Wallspot AVE and left a sample of what happens when they are provided with a safe space to paint, unbeatable atmosphere and LOTS of SPRAYS.

Complete offer of activities and stores at the event  

A whole new concept carried out at Madrid Urban Sports. The promenade of the Madrid Rio park was transformed into a space full of possibilities to have a good time and with several options for all attendees to try all the current trends in Outdoor fun.