Plaza 3×3

Madrid Urban Sports welcomes with open arms the 3×3 Plaza Caixabank that will have its own space composed of 4 courts where you can enjoy two full days of 3×3 basketball, a modality that, for the first time, had been Olympic in the Tokyo 2021 Games. 

So next weekend from 10th to 12th June 2022 Madrid Rio will breathe pure urban basketball. The public will be able to see impressive plays, alley oops, dunks and impossible passes. If anything has the 3×3 Plaza Caixabank is good show.

Also, the 3×3 Plaza Caixabank will bring a fresh air to Madrid Urban Sports, while DJs and music will create an exciting and urban atmosphere around this new Olympic discipline.


  • Competition: 11-12 / 06 / 2022


Will be invitational


Matadero Zone