All you need to know about the Sharjah Skateboarding World Championships
Skateboarding World Championships
  • The United Arab Emirates host the Skateboarding World Championships. A must-attend event in the Olympic race towards Paris2024.

  • Our reporter Kini Gonzalez will be at the park reporting everything that happens during the next two weekends.

Skateboarding is getting ready to live one of the great moments that is marked on the calendar of all skateboarders who aim to participate in the next Olympics in Paris 2024. A lot of points are going to be given in this qualifier held in the emirate of Sharjah. Concretely in the top level facilities baptized as Aljada Skatepark which are composed by a street circuit and a large bowl to develop the Sharjah World Championships 2022.
This event is divided into two big stages with different qualifiers in the two Olympic skateboarding modalities: Street and Park.

More than 300 athletes will take part in this skateboarding jewel and we don’t want to miss any detail. Our Madrid skateboarding ambassador and one of the great personalities of this sport in our country Kini Gonzalez is flying to Sharjah to report firsthand everything that happens in this competition.
From tomorrow until Sunday, February 12, you can follow all the highlight of this great event on our official Instagram.

Big names who competed and have been crowned in the Madrid Urban Sports will be fighting for the podium in the street contest this weekend. Athletes such as the MUS 2021 champion Angelo Caro and the MUS 2022 champion Daniela Terol have qualified in their own categories to move on to the semifinals and fight for the victory next Sunday. The Spanish skater Natalia Muñoz, who is also a regular at Madrid Urban Sports, has also performed impressively in the qualifying rounds of the women’s street competition.

Next week will be the time for the park competition, where our great Spanish athletes like the Móstoles athlete Danny León, Julia Benedetti, Naia Laso, Alain Kortabitarte and Jaime Mateu will do their best to collect as many points as possible for the upcoming Olympic Games, which are getting closer and closer in the calendar.

These are the official schedules for this weekend’s competitions, which you can follow live here

Skateboarding World Championships