The tightest scooter semifinals arrive

The tightest scooter semifinals arrive

  • Auguste Pellaud, Nick Tedrick, Kai Saunders and Carlos Ravello will face off in some thrilling scooter semifinals.
  • The duels are now available on the @urbanworldseries Instagram account, where you can follow the entire event.

Scooter quarterfinals are already history. After some passionate duels, it is your turn to witness a superior show, the scooter semifinals. The riders continue to face each other in the best trick modality and the judges will have to choose between the following confrontations: Auguste Pellaud vs Nick Tedrick and Kai Saunders vs Carlos Ravello.

Let’s remember that the quarterfinals were quite tight, with difficult decisions by the judges and division of votes. The first semifinal will face the MVP of the quarters, Auguste Pellaud, against Nick Tedrick. This duel promises to be exciting, as two riders of the highest level will face each other. On the other side of the bracket, Kai Saunders will meet Carlos Ravello. This second duel promises to also be contested, since the two semifinalists went through the hair of the quarter, with the jury divided.

Bracket scooter

Best trick in balance

The riders will face each other in the best trick modality, but although in the quarter-finals they did it in gap, now it will be the turn to show their skills in trick balance. We will see how this change affects the riders, and we will see what tricks they will be able to iron to impress the demanding jury. You can already find the confrontations on the @urbanworldseries Instagram account, and we also paste them here below so you can take a first look at them!

  • Auguste Pellaud vs Nick Tedrick


  • Kai Saunders vs Carlos Ravello

The winners of these exciting semifinals will be announced on November 28 at the virtual Madrid Urban Sports grand final. This grand final will concentrate all the skate (M&W), scooter and BMX events, and will serve as the conclusion to this first edition of Madrid Urban Sports. In the meantime, follow our @urbanworldseries Instagram account to not miss a single detail of the men’s skate quarterfinals and semi-finals next week. The grand finale can be followed on the Urban World Series YouTube channel, Olympic Channel and Edge Sport.