Art as one of the pillars of the MUS and with a naming that reflects its idea and location, Manzanares Town.

A tour along the banks of the Manzanares River, different recycled supports taking advantage of existing structures, and groups of local artists, are the main ingredients for the proposal that we have prepared to surprise all visitors.

More than 20 unknown artists with 100% local stamp, who, eager to share their passion with the public of the MUS, will offer a live show, giving color and creativity to the fusion of Music and Sport that makes up the event.

With the help of Madrid Street Art Project, Urvanity, Puppet Minz, WallSpot and Sticker Con, we will create a mini city of Art, called Manzanares Town.


  • 11-12/06/22


Open Call coordinated with the local collectives mentioned in the description.

Selection of artists and supports.



Palacio de Cristal