Madrid Urban Sports hosts for the first time the official scooter world championships with the support of the International World Skate Federation and the International Skating Federation.

More than 200 athletes from all over the world will gather in the Madrid Río park to fight for the world title.

There will be two modalities in which these championships will take place: Park and Street. And in these two modalities there will be three categories of competition: Men, Women and Junior.

A show that will revolutionise the Madrid Rio Park inside the Central Park and the Street Plaza, located in the Explanada Negra, giving visibility to one of the modalities that has the greatest impact on the youngest with the greatest sporting progression and which is also on its way to becoming an Olympic sport.


Training: 14 – 15/06/2023

Competition: 16-17/06/2023

Competition format:


Qualifiers & Semifinals: 2 Rounds 45 sec.

(Best round counts)

Final: 2 attempts: 1 run + 1 best trick *Total score 110

(Best of 2 attempts counts)



Qualifiers & Semifinals:2 Rounds 45 sec

(Best round counts)

Final: 2 round + 3 best tricks

(Counts the best round and the two best tricks)

*The round will count 100 points and the best tricks 50 each. Maximum total score 200 points.


Please consult national federations to obtain a place.

Registration via World Skate.


Park: Central Park (Explanada Negra)
Street: Street Plaza (Explanada Negra)