MUS breaks down barriers with full female representation

– For the first time, the urban competition will have women’s competitions in each and every one of the modalities

– QueenSaray Villegas (BMX), Mia Catalano (Scooter) and Lola (Breaking) tell their experiences and goals for the MUS first hand

Madrid Urban Sports, known for its prominent role in the world of urban sports, is transforming into a stage where gender equality takes centre stage. The inclusion of women’s competitions in all disciplines elevates the grandeur of the event and is a major milestone in the fight for the recognition and visibility that women deserve in the fast-paced world of urban sports.

Female athletes have fought tirelessly for this recognition and finally their courage, effort and skill are reflected on the international stage. Every trick and every jump is a reminder of the strength and passion that defies stereotypes and social expectations imposed on women.

We will be able to enjoy them in competitions such as the Scooter World Championships, the UCI BMX Freestyle C1 International Championships, the Breaking For Gold International Series and international skateboarding competitions.

This major step towards gender equality in sport is of the utmost importance after having fought for the recognition and visibility they deserve in the field of urban sports. The inclusion of women’s competitions in all disciplines at Madrid Urban Sports shows a commitment on the part of the organisers to encourage equal participation in these sports and to send a powerful message of inclusion and diversity in the world of sport. We were able to speak to some of the top female athletes ahead of the competition and here’s how they are coming to Madrid Urban Sports:


QueenSaray Villegas is one of the BMX riders of the moment, the Colombian is only 19 years old and together with her twin Lizsurley, they are one of the great promises of the discipline in the female category:

Winning the MUS would mean being one step closer to the Olympic Games in terms of points. How do you prepare for this type of competition?

They are very important competitions and more than physically it is also mentally, the most important thing is to always be strong on both sides and always be focused on training and on the bike learning.

What advice would you give to young girls who want to follow in your footsteps in BMX Freestyle and pursue their sporting dreams?

The first and most important is to enjoy the bike, after that comes the issue of motivation, sometimes we have ups and downs because of tricks or moments of competition but the idea is to always be motivated to always be with the plan of fulfilling your dreams and day by day sowing good things to create something good in the end!

It is also good not to be well because it means that we are alive and we are living life but we have to enjoy the process and motivate ourselves to do amazing things every day.

Mia Catalano, one of the most versatile riders in scootering as she practices both scooter park and street.

You are one of the most versatile athletes in two scootering disciplines: park and street. Is your goal for the 2023 World Championships to reach the podium in both disciplines?

I would be very happy to take home a medal in both disciplines. It’s something I’ve been working towards since the last World Championships in Argentina. It won’t be easy, but I’m looking forward to the challenge.

You got a second place in the first women’s street world championships, what was that moment like for you?

Winning a medal at the first ever women’s street world championships was an incredible experience. To be able to share the podium with my best friend and Ethic DTC teammate Josephine Zagorski was something I will never forget. After winning silver, this year I am very motivated and working hard to bring home another medal in Madrid. I hope it will be gold.

Bgirl Lola is a breaking dancer who has only been doing this discipline for three years, although she has been competing in other disciplines since she was very young. The warrior Princess’ has clear goals and is coming on strong:

You are only 15 years old, you started Breaking only three years ago and you are already competing in some of the most important championships with the best bboys and bgirls, evolving at a great speed, why breaking? How did you start?

Breaking is a way to express myself without words. I can transmit what I feel through my movements. Besides, I’m constantly evolving because you never stop learning and never stop getting new steps. That motivates me to keep dancing day by day. But the most important thing for me is how it makes me feel, the smile I get every time I step in the room.

Since I was little I have danced other styles: Hiphop, Ballet, Afro… but Breaking had never caught my attention. When we returned to Spain, three years ago, I saw that there was a Breaking training session near my house and I went to see it. I was impressed! The first thing that struck me was the good atmosphere in the room. Also, I loved the steps they were doing and I needed to learn them!

What are your goals for the Breaking For Gold International Series competition in Madrid?

For this competition I want to feel good dancing because I have changed and added a lot of new steps and it’s the first time I’m going to try them in competition. The level is quite high, so I’m going to fight for it!