Urban music returns to the MUS with the FlexMoments concerts
FlexMoments vuelve al MUS
  • The FlexMoments ‘Showcase’ concerts return to the MUS parks


  • Urban artists will be in charge of providing the soundtrack between competitions

Free Sis Mafia, Sr.Chen, ERGO PRO-ILLPEQUEÑO, Kyne, Pedro LaDroga and Lasole are the artists invited to fill Central Park and Street Plaza with music between competitions.

A 15-minute ‘ShowCase’ format where urban music will become the soundtrack of the Parks to introduce the following competitions. A perfect platform where the artists will be able to show all their artistic potential that has led them to be known in the Spanish urban music scene. 

 On Saturday we will have the performances of Lasole in the Central Park (18-18:20h) and in the StreetPlaza of Mr. Chen (19:45-20:05h) and PedroLaDroga who will close the day on Saturday (21:15-22h)

On Sunday we will have a day full of artists:  

Kyne will perform at Central Park (17:10-17:25h) and at StreetPlaza we will have the performance of Ergo Pro-ILL Pequeño (20-20:20h) and Free SisMafia (21:30-22h), the group from Madrid formed by 5 women, a benchmark in the urban Hip-Hop scene will be in charge of closing the day on Sunday and also the second edition of Madrid Urban Sports 2022. 

A format that, after the success of the last edition of Madrid Urban Sports, returns to crown the competitions and make your wait more enjoyable.