Find out where the riders will be leaving their wheels

– Street Plaza is inspired by two of Madrid’s legendary skate spots

– Central Park has some real wonders that will make riders fly through the air


This is what the parks of Madrid Urban Sports 2023 will be like! The fourth edition of the event will be held from 16 to 18 June in Madrid Río with the World Scooter Championships, Breaking For Gold International Series, BMX C1 and an international skate competition.

From Madrid Streets to MUS:

Looking closely at the Street Plaza, the space that will host the scooter street and skate competitions, the public and riders will find a close relationship between the spaces and the city of Madrid. These sports are still rooted in the place where they were born, the streets of the city, and that is why we wanted to pay tribute to essential places with the new modules incorporated.

Participating in the Movistar Open Qualifier is a unique opportunity for emerging skaters. In the last edition, twenty participants competed for a place in the Madrid Urban Sports. With the animation of the famous speaker Kini Gonzalez, the audience was amazed by the incredible tricks of the competitors. Sergio Muñoz stood out from the start with an impressive nosemanual flip out, showing impeccable technique and no mistakes. On the other hand, ‘Bolita’ achieved a perfect round, reaching the second place in the final ranking with a 360 flip from bank to bank and a backside smith on the rail on the downhill. Both finalists were up against international Olympians Angelo Caro, Eduardo Neves and Mauro Iglesias in the Madrid Urban Sports Skate Man semi-final.

Competing at the Madrid Urban Sports means being at the epicentre of skateboarding at an international level, surrounded by renowned skateboarders who have left their mark on the industry. Danny Leon, Adriel Parmisano, Adrien Bulard, Facundo Quiroga, Roosz Swetzloot, Virginia Fortes and Daniela Terol are just some of the big names that will be present at this iconic event. Having the opportunity to share the track with these skateboarding legends not only allows the winners to gain invaluable experience, but also to gain recognition and prestige in the industry.



The planters of the Plaza del Congreso de los Diputados, one of the most skated spots on the Madrid skate scene, are represented in the MUS streetplaza. The architects of the street plaza didn’t want to make it easy for the riders and have added a flatrail that crosses the module from side to side, a real challenge for the riders



The second main module is a gap to hubba that evokes another of the capital’s great spots: the Juan Bravo Bridge. But although skateboarders and scooter riders know it well, they shouldn’t be overconfident, as this is the most complex and technical of the street plaza.

But that’s not all: A glass urn will preside over the street plaza. Will any scooter or skater riders surprise us on top of the urn?
The other big stage, the Central Park, is repaired for the smooth riding of the Scooter Park and BMX athletes.

A park for athletes to leave their best tricks: quarters up to four and a half meters high and a wallride that will give them enough speed to leave flashes of their quality in the 2 Jum boxes, spines, rainbow hubba and one of the biggest funxox in Europe.

Madrid Rio is getting ready to host the Parks of this edition of the MUS, two gigantic structures where the riders will risk everything to reach the MUS gold medal.