Grazy and Lola: The legend and the young up-and-comer who are taking it by storm

One month after participating in the MUS, Grazy and Lola win Red Bull BC One Spain 2023


– Meet the winners with exclusive interviews at Madrid Rio

Familiar faces from Madrid Urban Sports are the new champions of Red Bull BC One Spain 2023. They are BGirl Lola and BBoy Grazy, the same two who impressed the audience at the Urban Stage a month ago and whose characteristics are very different.

On July 8, the Red Bull BC One Spain 2023 took place, where the best 16 B-Boys and 8 B-Girls of our country battled in the Plaza de Juan Goytisolo, at the foot of the Reina Sofia Museum, to become national champions and get the pass to the World Final of Red Bull BC One Spain 2023 in October. Those who managed to overcome the challenge and take home the gold medal were Lola and Grazy.

Lola is a young breaking prodigy who has been practicing for only three years, although she has competed in other disciplines since she was a child. “The warrior Princess” has well-defined goals and makes her presence felt.

She is part of a new generation of breakers who have grown up in the digital era, which makes it easy for her to learn quickly and keep up to date with the new steps that are the most popular.

At only 15 years old and with a bright future ahead of her, Lola is sure to step on many more stages, and perhaps, more than one will be Olympic.

These are some of the questions we asked her:

You only started Breaking three years ago and you are already competing in some of the most important championships. How did you start?

– I can transmit what I feel through my movements. Also, I’m constantly evolving, because you never stop learning and never stop taking new steps. But the most important thing for me is how it makes me feel, the smile I get every time I step in the room. Since I was little I have danced other styles: Hiphop, Ballet, Afro… but three years ago, I saw that there was a break training near my house and I went to see it. I was impressed! The first thing that struck me was the good atmosphere in the room!

Not only do you put a lot of enthusiasm into everything, but you are also very talented, we have seen you competing in breaking, combining it with martial arts, djing and studying. Has this given you the tools to face the breaking battles?

– I think that everything you do in your life gives you something. By combining many things I have to learn to have a cool mind to be able to do them well and, most importantly, enjoy them. This helps me a lot when facing a battle, because it is a key point when competing. I believe that everything I do pays off in some way and the disciplines help each other. The most important thing for me is to know that whatever I do I’m going to enjoy it, because what I do I do because I’m passionate about it!

Now that Breaking will be the first Olympic Games in Paris 2024, do you see yourself competing in the Olympics?

– I remember when I was little I wrote on the wall: “win the olympics” and I know that whatever I set my mind to, I will achieve it. If not in these Olympics, then in the next ones, but you will see me there, I assure you!

Grazy is a completely opposite profile to Lola. He has been dedicated to breaking for many years and has accumulated many medals and titles, living a great part of the evolution of this sport. He started dancing in the streets of Madrid in Nuevos Ministerios, in Colón or in the Metro and throughout his career he has danced in crowded stages with all kinds of audiences.

While Lola competes to continue to grow, Grazy continues to work hard with the aim of putting the finishing touch to his achievements with the Paris Olympics.

He told us some very interesting details about his career:

How are you facing the Madrid Urban Sports? What is the goal of participating in this competition?

In last year’s MUS, in June of last year was the championship that I decided to leave everything to compete because I had a very strong international career from 2006 to 2013, and from 2013 to last year’s MUS in 2022 I was still competing but I opted for the more artistic field, for the performing arts, to work with Circo del Sol and other companies.

And last year I saw that this was very serious and I thought that either I would focus on competing or this path was going to be complicated, so my super revelation was last year’s MUS, which is why I face it with great affection, because it was the event that clicked in my head.

You are part of the first generations that have been forced to adapt and evolve but without having a reference, something that the young bboys and bgirls of today do have and will have, how have you lived this generational change and have you managed to stay at the top?

Actually, in our generation there were no phones, no smartphones, no internet, no platforms like Youtube as they are now. So our way of learning was basically very precarious, it was many, many hours on the floor, I remember that we would leave class and we would be there from 5 to 12 at night, it was a lot of self-research, a lot of self-knowledge, and a lot of listening.

We had a VHS video, a tape for the whole group and we would play it back and maybe after 6-8 months you would come back and try to copy as much or as much as you could and then try to change it as much as possible, because in our time copying was frowned upon, you could get into a lot of trouble, even fights. It was a very difficult time for information and learning.

Now I see a child who in five years can improve what we improved in 15 years, but it is also true that it gives you a unique style, because now dancers who look very similar there is a lot of standard because it is created by the people who win, and as everyone watches it on Youtube for example at home almost live they try to copy the people who are at that moment in the wave, but in my time you could see and clearly differentiate the countries or even the cities.

Did you ever think that you would be fighting for the Olympics by doing Breaking?

I’ve been competing all my life for 20 years and I’ve seen the transformations and processes that Breaking has gone through. The truth is that we already had a very well-established scene with big world competitions, it’s not that now the Olympic Games are coming in and competitions are starting to take place, there were already big events. Now this path, let’s say more sporting, I think it has been a surprise for everyone, and personally I am very excited about it, because this sporting path can bring great things and great benefits, both in terms of visibility and in terms of creating systems. At no time did I think about fighting for the Olympics, it was something that never even crossed our minds.