HotWheels SuperChargers presents the new era of riders and breakers in Madrid

Hot Wheels’ partnership with the event promotes emerging talent in Skateboarding, Scootering, BMX and Breaking

– The youngsters have shown exceptional talent and have their sights set on continuing to evolve in urban sports and aiming for the Olympic pathway

Mattel‘s brand, HotWheels, has once again made its mark in the world of urban sports with the SuperChargers at Madrid Urban Sports. The collaboration between the brand and Urban World Series has been a great success to promote the junior categories of different disciplines of the event in Skate, Scooter, BMX and Breaking; promoting young talent and the values of urban sport in Olympic disciplines.

From 16 to 18 June, Madrid Rio has become the perfect stage for young people aged between 6 and 14 to demonstrate their skills and abilities on wheels and on the track. Junior skateboard, scooter and BMX riders and the BBoys and BGirls came together in this world-class competition, where spectacle and excitement were guaranteed.

The Urban Stage was witness to the future of national Breaking and hosted the Kids and Junior competition on the same floor that hours before had been trodden by the international Bboys and Bgirls who inspire these new and talented break dance talents. The youngest were very attentive to the movements of their idols to learn and replicate in their battles some of the best moves to win the gold medal.

In Junior Female Bgirl Miniali took the victory in the last battle against Pau, and Bgirl Camino completed the podium getting the third place. In the Junior Men it was Bboy Samuel who took the gold medal against Bboy Grummy who took the silver and Bboy Teo the bronze. In Kids there were also some fantastic battles on Sunday afternoon that proclaimed Bboy Ryu the winner, Bboy Gabri second and Bboy Samuray third.

In the last U21 category Bboy Lukas showed his great talent in the battle against Bboy Gizmou and Bboy Amor who came first, second and third respectively. A great evening of finals to bring the curtain down on the Urban Stage with the new generations who are coming on strong and who are sure to have a very promising future ahead of them.

Regarding the Scootering World Championship, the world champions in Junior Park were the Frenchman Fantin Pharabod in the lead followed by the Americans Jack Walsh and Omar Soto. On the other hand, in Junior Street the gold medal went to Jack Wash and the podium was completed by Stacy Wariner and Cooper Steen.

In Skate, we were blown away by Adam Bensalah, who won by almost 10 points. He was followed by Unai Cano and Álvaro Monaco, who clearly have a bright future ahead of them.

Finally the BMX juniors came on strong, the winners were Javitxu de la Torre, Pau Sala and Fernando García, demonstrating that the national talent is growing exponentially and aims to win more than one Olympic medal.

The young riders have been supported and inspired by great ambassadors of junior competition. Among them are Danny Leon, renowned Spanish Olympic skateboarder and Daniel Dehrs, silver medallist at the Tokyo BMX Olympics. These outstanding athletes have shared their experience and knowledge with the participants, encouraging them to give their best and reach new goals.

It is a unique opportunity for these young talents to showcase their skills on an internationally renowned stage. Undoubtedly, the success of Hot Wheels SuperChargers and the upcoming Extreme Barcelona promises to open new doors for future generations of riders, ensuring a bright future for urban sports.