Scootering world championships break the MUS parks

– Lucas Di Meglio y Mia Catalano are the new kings of street racing


– Jordan Clark, with 5 World Cups under his belt, and Claire Parks sit on the Park throne.

Lucas ‘Scooter’ Di Meglio  

Lucas Di Meglio sat back on his throne with two rounds and three perfect bestricks, proving that the Frenchman is a cut above any rider when he gets on a scooter. Di Meglio was in contention for the crown with Guifré Obradors, who took a well-deserved silver, the first for the Spanish scootering delegation. Matec Pekarek, who completed the street podium, was the surprise of the championship, as the Czech rider was not satisfied with taking the bronze medal in Park and also wanted to get on the podium in Street.

Jordan Clark the 5th 

One of the best Scootering Park finals in living memory saw Britain’s Jordan Clark take his 5th world championship. Clark had two rounds of near excellence, in which he never seemed to get off the skateboard. Fellow Brit, Jayden Sharman tried to make Clark abdicate his throne with a near perfect round. But, sadly, Clark’s legacy still has years of history left in it. Matec Pekarek took bronze, a surprise that left big names in scootering such as Jamie Hull and Esteban Clot off the podium.

Girls just wanna go Scootering 

For the first time, the MUS hosted the women’s Street and Park Scootering, demonstrating that women’s scootering continues to evolve more and more and is moving towards becoming more professional.
The riders are not afraid of anything and are experts in both disciplines indistinctly, which makes it possible to see a variety of tricks in both parks.
The very young Claire Parks, only 16 years old, won the crown in Central Park, after being the most solid rider in the final. She snatched the throne from Rebeca Ortiz, who was unable to retain her title, as she was injured in the Street final. Alexandra Madsen and Mia Catalano completed the podium.

Mia Catalano became only the second rider in history to win the scootering street crown, the American rider took more risks in the Bestricks round, ironed them out and Josephine took silver. Sophie Molyneux took bronze after making her Scootering Street debut. The British rider, who had previously only done park, put in a brilliant performance in the Street plaza. A few more competitions and Sophie will be talking a lot in both parks.