The day kicks off with more MUS competitions and the first medals are handed out
  • Skateboarding, Scootering, BMX and Breaking take the MUS stages by storm on a Saturday full of finals and semi-finals

  • Activities and urban art to liven up the day

Madrid Río is experiencing the second day of MUS with the first medal distribution of this 2023 edition: BMX Women, Skate Men & Women and the final of the Scootering Street Women Championships will be the first names to be written in the history of the fourth edition of the event.

Madrid Urban Sports presents a great line-up for a Saturday sports day that will be livened up with the opening of the Markets, with specialised urban culture shops and the Urban Art points, where artists from Madrid will show what they are capable of doing with sprays. In the Market area, attendees will also be able to enjoy a HotWheels area where they can try out the Finguerboards and a Wave and ramp to try out skateboarding tricks.

A first day with a high level

The first day of competition in the Parks saw the BMX Men‘s qualifiers and the Scooter Park and Street qualifiers in the Men‘s category and the scootering Park Women semi-finals, a day that brought together more than half a thousand people watching the competition in the afternoon.

Saturday of gold medals and the premiere of Breaking For Gold on the Urban Stage

The first MUS medals will be dusted off during the afternoon for the BMX Women’s finals in Central Park at 15:30. Then the finals will move to the StreetPlaza, with the Scootering Street Women finals at 17hs and the Skate Women finals at 19:30 and Skate Men finals at 21hs, which will close the day on Saturday.

The dance steps of the best Bboys and Bgirls of the continent jump to the Urban Stage with the Pre-Selection: the Top 64 and Top 32, where the best breakers will try to make a place among the 8 best Bboys and Bgirls who will compete for the gold and points to Paris from 12h on Sunday.


Madrid Urban Sports will start writing from today the winners of this 4th edition of the event. An event open to the city of Madrid where everyone can enjoy a day full of sport and urban culture.