Scooter World Championships: Here are the men’s qualifiers and the junior and women’s semi-finals.

The World Scooter Championship 2023 begins to reveal who are the candidates to win the title of world champion. It’s only Friday, and with still two long days of competition to go, the Park Men and Street Men qualifiers have already taken place, as well as the Junior Park, Junior Street, Women Park and Women Street semi-finals.

There were few surprises in the Park Men qualification. In the end the top raiders have entered the semifinal, and the top four match the bets we all had. It is worth mentioning that we have two Spanish riders in the competition, and we will be cheering them on with all our might.

In the Street Men quali you can see that the riders are keeping their cards close to their chest. The top riders are not taking any risks, they have done basic rounds to get into the top 20. The number 1, Lucas Dimeglio, is above everyone by far and his round has been spectacular with almost 100 points. He is undoubtedly the rival to beat.

The junior semi-finals had a very high level. In Park, out of 24 riders only 6 made it through, a very difficult task to decide. The undisputed leader in both parks has been Jack Walsh as we all imagined. And special mention to the Spanish Harriet Portugal, who has passed in fifth position.

Finally in the women’s semi-final it was a mere formality. All 10 are qualified with Mia Catalano in the lead.