Angelo Caro and Virginia Cavalcante win the Madrid Urban Sports gold medal
  • Peruvian Olympian Angelo Caro takes gold in men’s Skateboarding. Silver for Richard Tury and bronze for Mauro Iglesias
  • The women’s final was won by Brazil’s Virginia Cavalcante, followed by France’s Charlotte Hym and Spain’s Valentina Planes

The highlight of this Saturday’s Madrid Urban Sports was the Skateboarding finals, which did not disappoint at all. The Street Plaza in the Madrid Río-Matadero park was the setting for some finals to remember.

More than a thousand people witnessed up close the tricks with which these brilliant skateboarders, many of them Olympians after participating in the premiere of Skateboarding at the Tokyo Games, delighted us.

Angelo Caro rules the roost

Fifth at the Olympic Games, Angelo Caro shone again at the Madrid Urban Sports. The Peruvian has shown himself to be going from less to more with some very complete and high level rounds. Caro secured the gold with a bigger flip fs board and a gap 360 flip lipslide in the best trick. The latter was the highest scoring trick of the competition with a 90.

Silver went to Richard Tury, who, as always, proved that he is the king of the heelflip. The Slovakian was outstanding in the best-trick section, landing all three of his attempts, including a varial heelflip boardslide and a very complicated heelflip tailslide to fakie on the handrail of the Street Plaza.

The podium was completed by Mauro Iglesias, another of the great favourites, who was left with only the honey on his lips but who left us some great tricks to remember such as the gap flip backside lipslide on the downhill flat rail.

Rafa Bocanegra, the Spanish representative

The only Spanish representative in the men’s Skateboarding final was Rafa Bocanegra, who finished eighth with 40.89 points. The Cádiz native rubbed shoulders with the great giants with good rounds that got the home crowd off their seats. Unlucky in the best tricks, Bocanegra said goodbye to Madrid with a good feeling, being the Spanish representative among the top 8. 

The participation of the Slovak based in Barcelona, Chris Khan, who has made a very good performance and has been at the gates of the podium, finishing fourth with 61.22 points, was also remarkable.

Virginia Cavalcante rides to gold in women’s final

The biggest name in the women’s Skateboarding final was Virginia Cavalcante. The Brazilian gave a tremendous exhibition with high tricks such as a backside feeble on the handrail, a 360 flip or a backside boardslide. A pure and hard show that has earned her the gold medal.

Behind her finished the Olympian Charlotte Hym. Silver for the Frenchwoman, who was the favourite for the gold medal but had to settle for second place with 41 points and high quality tricks such as nollie heelflip and a frontside boardslide in one of the rails of the park.

Spain’s Valentina Planes, bronze medalist

The bronze medal had a Spanish flavour. Galician Valentina Planes has given us a lesson of courage and persistence to end up getting a well-deserved bronze medal with 39.67 points. Planes overcame a very hard fall in which she hit her face. Very tough, the Spaniard has returned to action delighting us with a great mastery of the quarter pipes of the park and tricks like the frontside smithgrind, the backside 5O or the frontside tailslide, which have earned her a place on the podium.

It was a very vibrant day with the city of Madrid overturned with the event and enjoying a magnificent free show and enormously appealing to audiences of all ages. A day to remember at Madrid Urban Sports.