Great Britain’s Jamie Hull excels in Scooter Park semifinals
  • Jamie Hull leads the semi-finals and is a serious contender for the gold medal in Scooter Park
  • Four Spaniards have qualified for the final: Alex Pérez, Alex González, Hugo Herrero and Alejandro Domínguez

The Scooter Park has been in action on Saturday and has left no one indifferent. With the Madrid Río-Matadero park packed to the rafters, the fans gathered there were able to enjoy an amazing spectacle. 

More than 500 people were thrilled by the wild tricks of these young skilful, who drew applause and gestures of admiration from the audience. Madrid Urban Sports in its purest form and there is no stopping it.

Jamie Hull blows us away

The men’s Scooter Park semifinals have had a clear dominator: Jamie Hull. The Briton has scored heart-stopping tricks like a huge double back-flip or a double flair to lead the standings with 82.67 points.

Far behind Hull were the other contenders. Second also British Soly Bloomfield with 73.67 points, and third the Spanish Alex Perez Ortuño, who had just won the Junior final of Hotweels Super Chargers in the Extreme Barcelona and has scored a record of 72 points.

Four Spaniards in the grand final

Of the 19 participants who competed, only 10 have obtained the ticket for the final this Sunday from 18:40 hours. Along with the aforementioned Alex Perez, three more Spaniards will join him in the final of Scooter Park: Alex Gonzalez (71.33), Hugo Herrero (67.67) and Alejandro Dominguez (63.00).

Wide Spanish representation looking for the medal in a Madrid Urban Sports that premieres in person in the capital and that is leaving a great sensation among the spectators present.

Sunday, the great final

If today’s semifinals have already seemed to us of great level, the best is yet to come. This Sunday, from 18:40 to 19:20, the long-awaited final of Scooter Park awaits us with the best selection of athletes ready to show us all their repertoire.