It was a great day with Movistar Cash4Tricks and a concert of Rakeem and Nickzzy

– MUS pushes boundaries and performs a Cash4Tricks at the Skatepark Ignacio Echevarría in Madrid

– Renowned drill artists drive hundreds of people wild at a free concert on the Urban Stage

The temperature is rising in Madrid Rio as the weekend approaches with a Friday of qualifiers and semi-finals.

This afternoon all the excitement of the key competitions for the World Scooter Championships and the Olympic qualifiers moved to the Ignacio Echevarría SkatePark, close to the event, where a Movistar Cash4Tricks open to the public took place, with €800 in prizes for the best tricks pulled. The competition was divided into two modules: the first on the handrail and box and the second on the downhill rail.

The skatepark was full of skaters eager to fill their pockets with money, something that was achieved by those who surprised the jury the most with tricks, such as the South African Brandon Valjalo, who also competes in the Mus, who landed the best tricks of the afternoon, Sergio Muñoz with a very clean flip nosemanual nollie flip out, and the Costa Rican Mariano Alfaro with a flip frontside feeble and a perfect fakie 270 frontside boardslide.

After much excitement and constant cheering, the crowd and riders moved to the Urban Stage where Rakeem and Nickzzy performed a free concert. San Mames and No Toy en Gente were sung at the top of their lungs and the artists couldn’t have left more grateful after a very welcoming experience.