Sky Brown and Jagger Eaton, Skateboard Park 2022 World Champions
  • Sky Brown dominates in the final of the Skateboard Park World Championships with a clear goal: Paris 2024.

  • Jagger Eaton takes men’s gold ahead of Augusto Akio and Pedro Barros

Last Sunday, February 12th took place the final of the Olympic Qualifier and World Skateboarding Championship 2022 of Park category in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates, which has also distributed some very valuable points to compete in the next Olympic Games in Paris 2024, where there are only 22 vacancies for the best riders on the board.


The Aljada Skatepark in Sharjah, a city near Dubai, has been the central focus of the world Skateboarding to walk to Paris, replacing the World Skate stop in Rio de Janeiro that was suspended a few months ago.


Sky already has another gold medal to keep alongside the bronze from Tokyo 2020

In the women’s category, Sky Brown, was proclaimed world champion in Park with some movie rounds.

The Brit is on another level and won the gold after scoring maximum points against the other 7 competitors during her three rounds of the final with tricks like her kickflip indy grab, backside tailslide and a Frontside 540 that made the temperature rise even more in the desert of Sharjah.


The silver medal went to Japan’s Kokona Hirak, only 14 years old, without a doubt an athlete with a spectacular present and future. She won over the jury with her fluid rounds full of transfers, slides and grinds like a very solid frontside overcrook in the big bowl curve and airs like a frontside 360 stalefish and a frontside stalefish to lip book.


Finally, the bronze medal also went to Japan, Yosozumi Sakura, 20, flowed through the bowl in a very polished style with tricks like a backside kickflip indy, Frontside Smithgrind on the big turn and a Backside 360 no grab.

Jagger adds gold medal to the bronze medal he won at Tokyo 2020

In the men’s category, the gold medal was won by the American Jagger Eaton, who has been the only athlete to compete in both Street, finishing sixth, and Park. Jagger scored tricks of many carats as a giant Ollie to fakie house brand, Kickflip to backside lipslide and Backside 540 indy huge, among others, which made him rise as world champion.


The silver went to Augusto Akio, the Brazilian who is skating like the gods, flew over the skies of Sharjah with a perfect McTwist, a Backside Smithgrind 270 out in the curve, a trick within reach of few skaters on the planet, and a great frontside heelflip indy. 


The bronze also went to Brazil, the silver medalist of Tokyo 2020, Pedro Barros. The athlete turned the bowl upside down from start to finish, with his power and characteristic style and tricks that bear his signature: the highest and longest Backside indy we have seen all week, Backside 540 and McTwist Indy that looked more like something out of a video game than real life.


One of the surprises of the final was Australia’s Keegan Palmer, Tokyo 2020 gold medalist and Park designer of these World Finals, who came in last in 8th place after failing in all three of his rounds.


Naia Laso was the Spanish athlete to go farthest in PARK.


As for the Spanish athletes, Naia Laso went through to the semifinals and got a magnificent 13th place, staying only 5 places away from the final when she missed the Backside 540 of her round.


Meanwhile, Danny Leon, Julia Benedetti and Alain Kortabitarte could not get past the quarterfinals; and Peio Gonzalez, who is recovering from an elbow injury he suffered last month in the concentration with his tem ESP, could only compete walking to add some points, he stayed in the qualifiers. And finally, Jaime Mateu was out of the training camp due to injury…

Rewatch the finals here.